Monday, May 14, 2012

Inexpensive Decorating

 I'm no expert decorator but several of you have asked me to share some practical tips.  Craigslist, trash picking, garage sales, and thrifting are my shopping trips of choice.  Our home is filled with inexpensive treasures that add character and uniqueness.  The green vintage couch was a $30 Goodwill find.  The chandelier was a $30 craigslist find.  If you don't frequent should! You'll find unique pieces that you would not find at a retail store.  Stacking fabric and sewing books adds colorful decor.
 I collect cream pottery.  I keep it out year round and I did not pay more than $1 for each piece.  Find a color of pottery you enjoy and start collecting!  The cabinet was a $200 craigslist find from a salon that was closing. A little paint and new hardware made this piece a focal point of our room and we will keep it for years to come.  In autumn the pottery is adorned with leaves and acorns.  At Christmas they hold berries and silver glitter.
 Old frames become character filled art.  A little spray paint and they are ready to do their job.  One was a trash treasure and the other was whopping $1.
 I like old! It boasts character and can be kind on the wallet! The doily pennant hangs using wall space and telling tales of grandparents, aunts, and wedding memories.
 Picture frames with scrapbook paper add color and texture for only pennies. My little bird was 60 cents and hand painted by a child.  I spray painted him mustard and he greets friends in our guest room.
 Stacked table cloths and aprons add color to a room along with serving dishes.  No need to hide the beauties in a drawer or behind closed doors.
 This was a child's bed frame painted with chalkboard paint and now speaks truth and encouragement to us as we head down the hallway. 
Find an old window frame when trash picking and put a piece of fabric behind it.  Hang aprons on hooks and your wall is filled with color!  Piecing a house together with color and bargains can be rewarding and quite the treasure hunt!