Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Night Live

We enjoyed our first SNL this weekend.  Will Ferrell was not it attendance.  There were no cheerleaders.  No cowbell.  There was a lot of fondue and laughter though.  We gathered 11 adults and 11 children for our first SNL. 

Chocolate fondue, parmesan fondue, and pizza fondue were our dips of choice.   We were in a food coma before I thought to take a picture of the fondue set up. 

This group came together from various avenues.  Some of us live together, some work together, some have kids at the same school, some went to high school together, some were born in the same country, and all of us enjoyed fondue and laughter.  I'm excited to know them more. 


Lee Pop said...

Hahahhaha I love the part about some of us being born in the same country. That was cute! The photo turned out great - and better yet, the party was really a huge success. I really loved getting to know everyone. The food was delicious and the company was delightful. Thank you for having us be part of the first ever SNL. I loved it!

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