Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Party!

Party planning is a complete delight to me. It doesn't feel like work.   I adore the details that bring it all together. My girls love helping no matter what kind of party. 
 Tea parties, birthday parties, losing a tooth party...we love it all!  Ellia wanted to talk about her birthday party plans's at the end of May. 
We are planning a fun Valentine evening filled with a scavenger hunt, yummy food, and big red lips.  Stay tuned for pictures:)
This Saturday we will host our first Saturday Night Live.  We will gather a group of people that don't know each other well in hopes that friendship will bud and eventually blossom.  We'll dip our food in fondue as we chat and laugh. We will gather often to enjoy each other, share life together, and love each other.  That's it.  Food, fun, and love. 
Here are some of the "parties" we have planned.

Soup cookoff and salads
Mexican food night
Pizza and ice cream
Gogosh with toppings
Outdoor movie night
Campfire meal-Smore’s bar
Game night with appetizers
Tail gate party
Carnival night
Food fight
Out to eat
Costume party
Homeade Chipotle
Order pizza & sundae bar
Bring a picnic and blanket
Talent show night-subway
Breakfast-wear jammies
Toilet papering
Pumpkin carving contest
Hands only dinner
Mediterranean night
I grew up with people.  We had friends over just to eat popcorn and drink water but it was great fun!  We are coming back to that.....friends sharing life together and calling it a party!


Candace I said...

YAY!!! So fun and such great ideas!! I wish I lived close enough to join in the fun.. hope you connect and make lots of new friends!! LOVE your creativity, my friend! xoxo

Lee Pop said...

I'm really excited for the community group! It will be such a great opportunity for friends and memories!!

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