Sunday, February 12, 2012

Excitement can make you barf

 "I feel like I could throw up."  Whenever Ellia has that excited feeling welling up in her tummy she says that. Do you remember feeling it as a child?  I do.  I remember driving to my Mammaw and Pappaw's house on Christmas Eve feeling like I could barf from the oozing excitement.  The lights, the anticipation of eggnog, presents, reading the Bible together, standing around the organ and singing, performing Christmas shows with my cousins, and the list goes on.   This has been a month of much anticipation and memory building. 
 Each evening in December we hide a red envelope in our living room.  The envelope holds 5 pieces of small candy for the 5 little darlings in our home. 
 One of the older children reads a few sentences from the Christmas story taken from the book of Luke. 
There is also a slip of paper in the envelope that gives a family activity for the evening.  Our desire is to enjoy family time, build memories, reflect on redemption, love on those around us, and have fun.
Mr. Hotsie has been caught doing this during our family time.  His snoring helps us keep the beat to Chrismas carols, we are thankful.
On December 1st our children are asked to find a long nail hidden on our Christmas tree.  We sit and discuss that Jesus was born.  He died for us.  His grace can flow deep into our hearts and lives.  Christmas in our home is about a Savior that resucued us because we need rescued.  We celebrate that our family is a gift.  Our time together is a treasure.
These activites are fun and we laugh together. 
1.  Make Gingerbread Houses
2.  Make Countdown to Christmas paper chains
3.  Make red and green playdough to play with together
4.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
5.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
6.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
7.  Bake Cookies
8.  Deliver cookies to neighbors
9.  Make a Christmas package for a veteran or friend
10.  Make Marshmallow snowmen
11.  Make snowflakes
12.  Read a Christmas story in a blanket tent with a flashlight.
13.  Make ornaments
14.  Find toys to give away
15.  Shop for a homeless family
16.  Deliver hot cocoa to someone holding a sign on a street corner.  Talk with them, gather contact info, pray over them, hug them, visit them again.
17.  Eat candy cane ice cream and talk about favorite Christmas memories
18.  Act out the Christmas story and bring it to life with questions
19.  Sing Christmas carols and dance like fools
20.  Siblings shop for each other
21.  Drink hot cocoa and drive to see Christmas lights
22.  Make Christmas cards for a friend who needs loved
23.  Make popcorn balls or string popcorn/cranberries
24.   Break open the gingerbread houses and find a slip of paper that names a Christmas Eve prize.
25. Read the Christmas Story together and give each other gifts.

I just found this in my was supposed to be posted in December....not mid February:)