Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn love

Changing leaves.
 Family close by.
 Hunting for autumn treasures.
 Autumn colors in nature and on kids.
 Family walks.
Nature hikes with friends.
And carmel apples, pumpkin cookies, bonfires, barn sales, pumpkin muffins, leaf crafts, garage cleaning, 70's with sunshine, honey crisp apples, hayrides, and so much more.  
I am in love with this beautiful season!
(I'm trying to savor this season and not be depressed about the long season that comes next.)


mr.p. said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you that I saw your leaf garlands at the homegirl show this weekend and I love them! I remembered the name and thought I'd check out what other stuff you have. I'm new to the area and happy to know there are others around here who like thrifting/crafting/repurposing. thanks for making such beautiful things!

Monte said...

oh, and it wasn't mr. p who left that comment. I didn't realize my husband, a teacher, was still logged into his google account. Didn't want you to think it was some strange stalker!

this is actually me:

Haybee Baby said...

Welcome to the area! We just moved here a little over a year ago so I still consider myself new to the area! We should get together! We could thrift together:)
Thanks for touching base!!

Lee Pop said...

I love these photos! Fall is the best time for family photos! Your kids are so, so cute. Your family is so attractive!

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