Saturday, July 9, 2011

June, July, and Pinterest

I've kept myself busy.  Here's what I've been up to:
  Working on endless projects from  Like this hankie banner for Ellia and Aelyn's room.
 Creating a pink flower to cover a yellowed stain on this 45 cent beauty of a dress.
 Gifting my Mr. HOTsie some Father's Day HOT sauce.
 Celebrating our freedoms and learning to live freely.
Flying on airplanes, staying up late, laughing, and celebrating a beautiful marriage!
 Making enough popsicles to feed eight neighborhoods....and using cupcake holders to catch the drips.
 Enjoying family time in our backyard....on a $35 vintage Goodwill couch.
 Making pull taffy with the kids.  I looked over from the stove to see my coloring children with blankets tied around their breathing places.  They were gaggingly dramatic about the molasses and vinegar odor that filled our kitchen. 
This pinterest idea was a bust.  Not only did it smell like a garbage dump, it tasted like one.  I convulsed in laughter at the face expressions of my kitchen helpers as they tasted the supposed sweet treat.  These summer days are oozing with inspiration, spontaneity, and embedded memories.

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