Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tent Day

I woke up early and full of energy one morning this week.  I wish I felt that way every single day but I don't.  It's strange how some days are filled with extreme motivation and others I feel like I'm dragging to accompish just what I need to do. 
This was a gorgeous morning on the deck. I knew it was a day filled with work calls from morning until evening and I needed to help the kids find constructive entertainment. I wanted something that would surprise the kids upon waking.  I quickly gathered sheets and built a tent. 

I filled the picnic basket with coloring books, stickers, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, and even a tub of legos! 

 They each had a plate of snacks and jar of strawberries in ice water with a straw.  They were beyond excited and they played under there THE ENTIRE DAY!  They brought pillows, babies, and stuffed animals out and played with contented enjoyment.  I did my work on the deck most of the day and had pink freckled skin when my head hit the pillow. 

 My refrigerator is also covered in nearly 80 colored pictures from their tent day.  There were legos mixed with the crayons and strawberry water spilled on blankets.  But it was worth every ounce of set up and clean up. Now, a homedate tent is in order soon. 


Anonymous said...

You are so creative and what a wonderful memory that you created for your children. What a special time you are having getting to know your children in all different areas of their personalities. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Blessings, Jill

Candace Ingram said...

Aww.. Haylee! I love it! I could just feel the energy and joy on the deck and the cool breeze in the sunshine. What a wonderfully creative way to make a work day special and relaxing for you all. I remember years ago when I was sick with pneumonia and you brought over the big gift bag with all sizes of wrapped yellow gifts to open every day. That was the BEST sick time of my life (and the worst!) :) You bring beauty and joy to so many and your children are blessed indeed to have your mothering. I LOVE YA!! xoxo