Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I forgot about blogging.

I really did forget. 
 Lots of "extra" things taking up my time and I plum forgot I had a blog.  Aelyn's disasters are at a peak. At least I'm hopeful it won't get any worse. This lipstick one was a doosy. 
Ethan finished First Grade!!

I've been obsessed with this salad. Obsessed. 

Baking birthday goodies with a special 4 year old was a true delight.

Celebrating that four year old turning five was a joyous time!!

Weekend visits to Ganny and Pappaw's where they love watching television on their bed!

Re-purposing thrift finds has been a Sunday afternoon hobby:)

A friend lent us a go-cart to use for awhile and it's already been ridden many a miles on these three acres!

Still homedating Mr. Hotsie.  See why I call him that?!
And if you haven't tried, you should.  I've gathered bazillions of ideas and have my summer project list posted on the refrigerator!  If you join, be sure to "friend" me. 

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