Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yellow Refreshment

We purchased our home last summer and have focused solely on getting the inside livable and remodeled. We are just now starting on the outside of the house and property.  The flower beds could pretty much be mowed at this point and they need some serious intervention.  I have felt disappointed this Spring that not one flower popped up anywhere on this 3 acre property.  At our previous home we had a red bud tree, forsythia bushes, and I had planted bazillions of daffodils.  I've been missing them. 
I shared Proverbs 11:25 with my children earlier this week. "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." We talked about ways to be generous and what refreshment means.  The same day I walked across the street to visit with our 70 year old widowed neighbor.  She immediately walked me to her flower bed and started plucking sunshiny daffodils.  She handed me a large bouquet and I felt so loved.  I walked there thinking I would bring some refreshment her way yet I walked away completely refreshed and no longer missing the flowers at our old home.  Mary and I both left with smiles and a hug.  My kids watched the Proverb come to life that day, but I got to feel it deep inside. I separated the yellow bouquet into multiple arrangements so I can soak up the beauty in every room. 
Maybe I will pin some cute daffodils over Aelyn's permanent marker drawing on our ottoman.  Spring flowers cover a multitude of markings.  That is a Crecco Proverb.

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Krista said...

How true are your words, Haylee! I was refreshed reading this!