Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip

A 10 hour road trip to see cousins was filled with memory building and fun! 
We celebrated the birthday of my two year old niece.
These four year old girls became close friends this visit. 
 Ganny made each grandchild BEAUTIFUL sweater eggs.
 We enjoyed an egg hunt.
We took a trip to the zoo in the sunshine and warm weather!
 E man is standing on a rock but doesn't he look giant?!

 Getting all 5 to look at the camera at the same time did not happen no matter how hard we tried.
 My kids experienced Chuck E Cheese's for the first time.  Ethan had been saving money for this experience for almost 2 years.  He thoroughly enjoyed the games, tickets, and junky prizes.
 My beautiful mama treasured time with her girls and grand kids.
 The kids patiently waited to start a water balloon fight.
 There was hopscotch and lots of outdoor fun!
My mom, sister, and I had a craft night.  We made linen flowers like the one Ellia is wearing.  It was fun and rather addicting and I imagine you'll be seeing more linen flowers on this blog.
This mama didn't get much sleep on this trip due to a sick baby up at all hours of the night. I didn't take any naps while driving home but I wanted to.

Cousin love is priceless!


Anonymous said...

We loved having you! Cute pics, Hay! I made 2 more flowers last night. :) Love you, Ri.

JHU Admissions said...
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The Boy said...

Love love love that you all got to spend time together! Love that Papaw was able to be there too! Hope you had a wonderful time! Love you guys!

Kim Amstutz said...

Are u on facebook anymore? i wanted to send you a msg and couldn't find you. I want your phone number so we can talk about school next year.