Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Serve Day!

Mr. Hotsie called last evening on his way home from work with a great offer! He needed to work on a job today and kindly suggested I go do something fun that would refresh me for a Saturday with the kids. I hesitated but then darted to the thrift store for an hour before closing. What a fun trip! I found some specific items I was looking for plus some other spectacular deals.
I came home to everyone sleeping and I decided to plan something fun for my day with the kids.  I determined this Saturday would become "Serve Day!"  The kids woke up early to the table set and they were bursting with curiosity and anxious to begin our celebration even though they had no clue what we were doing. 
I dressed us all in our aprons as a symbol that we would be focused on serving today.
They knew the word serve and what it meant but I wanted it to go even deeper in their hearts today.
I served them a special breakfast with lots of love.
They each found their place setting and excitedly waited to start. I used scrapbook papers from TJ Maxx to gussy up the table.  Ethan asked if I stayed up the whole night getting it ready.
I wrapped up two thrift gifts for each kiddo. I found a pair of shoes for each of them on my adventure. I had no idea of this Serving Day plan while I was thrifting but the finds fit right into the purpose of this special day! I didn't pay more than $2 for a pair of shoes! Ethan and Ellia's were both brand new and Aelyn's were maybe worn a couple times but were good as new with a little white vinegar disinfecting. I love thrifting!!
We chatted about why we wear shoes.  We chatted about how there are many people who don't have shoes....or food....or family....or a home.....or love.  We chatted about how much we have. We discussed ways to serve, love, and give to others.
We ate fruit, muffins, and toasted oat cereal.
We each took a couple flags from the centerpiece.  Ethan and Ellia shared ways they could serve their family, friends, neighbors, God, strangers, those in need, etc.  It was insightful to hear their responses.Then they had a sword fight with the flags.
They decided to make muffins to share with our neighbors.  We made a yummy whole wheat blueberry and banana recipe, thanks to a google search.  They each made their own batch.  Ethan was totally grossed out by the brown mushy bananas.  He gagged. This brought service to a whole new level for him.  Ellia sang songs about how "sugar rhymes with booger." 
We then watched a few videos on Team Hoyt and we talked about how we saw service in the videos.  They were touched.  Ethan said he'll never forget today.  They've been busy serving on their own today without being asked.  They've cleaned, given foot rubs, made lunch, and other random activities.
Lord, I pray that today planted just a small seed in the hearts of these kiddos at the joy that comes in serving you through serving others.
Side note-isn't her outfit cute?  She needed jeans and I found three pair of like new GAP jeans for $2 each.  They are all different styles and will get her through the fall.  Yay!  Her outfit was $2.90. How can I make thrifting my day job?  ;)
Oh, and we have roof shingles all over our yard from the wind.  Mr Hotsie had to climb on the roof to tac a large piece down.  I seriously thought our house was going to blow away last night.
Off to church we go.

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Stacey said...

You so beautifully integrate the heart of Christ into
life with your kiddos. Very inspirational - I want to learn from you!!