Monday, April 25, 2011

Crafting with a Four Year Old

Easter came and went so fast this year but I sought to make the weeks leading up to it meaningful. I'm a fan of The Jesus Storybook Bible as a tool for teaching the big picture of redemption in such a beautiful way. 
On a lighter note, Ellia asked if we could make an Easter craft and I remembered a magazine idea where they covered eggs with paper napkin strips using mod podge.

It was a messy project and the final result wasn't dainty perfection like the pages of the magazine I saw.  We had fun though.  Ellia had mod podge in her hair, eyelashes, and up her arms.  It  looked like I was wearing mod podge gloves.  I should have worn gloves but I didn't think of that bright idea until the project was concluded and I was pealing it off my fingers for and hour and a half. 
While I was cleaning us up, she asked if we could paint eggs. I said no because I'd had enough messy crafting for a Saturday. She pouted. I took her picture. She then took a nap.
   Crafting with a four year old is funny and memorable.
We visited family this weekend but I was sad to have forgotten my camera.  It was nice to be with family but I wish it had been a few more days!

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