Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spray Paint Transformation

At the first sign of Spring weather each year you will see me doing two things immediately. I go for long walks to think about the seasons and ponder the changes they bring outside and in me. I also turn into a painting maniac. All winter I make a pile of items that need painting and as soon as I can get out there, the paint is a flyin'!  I can't say Mr Hotsie loves this about me but he tolerates it.
A dear friend gave us this cute baby doll rocker with the open door for redoing it. Ellia chose pink, of course. It now matches their play area.  I've heard Ellia using it as a highchair and also a timeout chair for her disobedient baby dolls.
  And the two girls fight over who gets to play with it.  If only heart transformation for us all was as easy as a can of spray paint!

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