Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Life Weekend

I started out the weekend as a glob of frustration.  I felt like I was fighting a war trying to bring order to our home after a busy week.  It was three little people up against me as they had quite the agenda of crafts, building forts, creating sinks in their rooms(this is a story for another day but these sinks consisted of cups of water, soap, towels, toothbrushes, and their closets.), and leaving other random items in numerous locations. 
I eventually gained perspective and changed my tone and the climate of our home.  I want to embrace the craziness and creativity that come with these three blessings.  We enjoyed Saturday night church and then went to Caribou Coffee to sip hot drinks and play pictionary. 
 Ethan and Ellia were actually able to guess each other's pictures this time which made it fun.  Aelyn stayed busy by crumpling paper and throwing pictionary cards on the floor.  Ryan and I just enjoyed soaking in our family........while we picked up 82 pictionary cards off the floor:)
 There was lots of playing "radio" this weekend, many miles walked, oodles of cooking for the week, and much organizing.
 There was giggling, playing outside, jump roping, game playing, and cleaning.
 There were hair tricks, packing for Spring Break, loads of laundry, deck building by Mr Hotsie, and juice popsicles made for the week.
As I was reading to the kids yesterday, Ethan randomly and excitedly said, "Mom, one time Ellia's toot smelled JUST like potato chips." 
I cracked up and more of that frustration somehow melted away.  These kiddos bring much joy to our lives but it's not easy.  The frustration and inadequacy of real life parenting keeps me broken and needing more than just me to keep my heart focused on the hearts of these three precious blessings.


Rhonda said...

Brings back lots of memories! You'll miss the craziness and even the frustration in about 16 yrs. from now! You'll wish for it back!

Haybee Baby said...

It is always so refreshing for me to hear seasoned moms say what you said. I want to miss these times and I know some day I will. It goes so fast. Thanks for the reminder!