Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to felt wool sweaters

Wanna start repurposing sweaters?
Here's how I do it:
 Buy 100% wool sweaters, angora, cashmere, etc.  No nylon, acrylic, or other man made fibers.
(this is if you want it to fully felt.  If you are sewing an owl or pillow out of sweater, it doesn't have to be 100% wool because the edges will not be exposed.)
Wash like colors in hot water. 
Throw them in the dryer for at least one cycle on a normal or high. 
Dry repeatedly if you want a thicker wool. 
You can then cut the sweaters and the edges will not fray. 
Turn the sweater inside out.
Cut the sweater into pieces. 
Start by cutting the sleeves off. Cut along the seam and then cut the seam off to save it.
Cut off the collar.
If you know what you want to make, go ahead and cut it out right now.
Save the seams to use for flowers or other fun embellishments.
I have quite the collection of seams.

So, find a thrift store that has cheap sweaters and get to work!
The possibilities are endless with what you can make. 
I'm hoping to make myself some underwear and a toothbrush soon.


Amy said...

you are funny! so, so talented...I learn much from you! hey...if you come up with the toothbrush, i know someone who could sell your line!

Haybee Baby said...

Ha, Amy! Seriously tell Brent that I want to start a toothbrush business made out of repurposed wool and see what he says:) Love you!