Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy wear green or I'll pinch you day!

I haven't felt like blogging this past week.
We enjoyed a laughter filled weekend with out of state friends.
I found two gray hairs yesterday.
I'm sleep deprived and crabby from having a sick girl.
I've been testing cute little students this week.
My heart is heavy as real people deal with intense tragedy in Japan and all around me.
I enjoyed a beautiful 4 mile walk this evening to ponder and process.  Now I feel like blogging.
Happy wear green or I'll pinch you day!
I love green.  It shows up in every room of our home. 
My kids ate green goodness for snacks today. 
They played nicely and really enjoyed each other today.  I think I"ll have them wear green everyday.
These once green sweater sleeves now adorn Ellia's skinny minny legs with fuzzy legwarmer cuteness. 
This green sweater clutch probably won't go out on the town too often but I am considering carrying it on a homedate soon.  It will probably look smashingly awesome with my black sweatpant uniform.

Somehow Mr. Hotsie missed the "wear green or you'll get pinched" memo.  I offered to lend him the green clutch but he declined.  I think he must really like our pinches. 


Rita said...

Happy St. Pat's to you! Love your blogs as they feel so "warm and cozy," and are fun!Keep them coming. Your creativity inspires me.

Lisa said...

After reading your blog about turning the sweater sleeves into legwarmers, I just found out I am OCD about how sleeves can't become legwarmers. I think its a great idea, but somehow my brain can't allow it to be okay. They look darling. Thanks for opening my eye to figuring myself out more. You know how everyone has those OCD things. (i.e. I always have to end with turning the volume up on a dial, etc. If I want to turn it down, I turn it way down so I can turn can end with turning it up a smidge.) Anyone else have those things?

Haybee Baby said...

Thanks for your encouragement Rita! I'm glad you read it:)

Lisa, you are hilarious!!! I have to say I can't think of any OCD things that I have like that. I'll keep my eyes open now though. Always turning volume down...funny!! Sleeve legwarmers coming right up for your birthday:)