Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gift Wrapping and Letter Writing

I enjoy wrapping gifts.  I am a fan of paper products.

I purchase solid color wrapping paper or with a small, simple print that will be versatile.
 Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby have cheap choices!

I use string or yarn as ribbon. I have had these three rolls for over three years and I use them often.

I make my gift tags.

I purchased two large hole punches over the years and I punch out fun paper to use as a gift tag.
I also often cut 4 inch strips of fun scrapbook paper to wrap around the gift.  I have found some great Amy Butler paper books for $3.99 at Marshal's, TJMaxx, or HomeGoods.
I tie the string around multiple times and attach the gift tag.

They turn out simple but each one is unique. Although gift bags are nice and have their convenience, I still prefer a wrapped gift.  There's something about watching a child tear open that paper over lifting tissue paper out of a bag.  Call me old fashioned but I much prefer a written letter over email and a wrapped gift over a gift bag. 


Betsy said...

Haylee I love your blog! Thanks for sharing snippets of your life and inspiring creativity.

Haybee Baby said...

Thanks Betsy! So glad you read my blog and enjoy it!!

Lisa said...

Amy Butler paper? She's a big celeb in my world! I saw her in the airport one time and was so nervous. I told her who I was and how I thought she was so cool! :) I was embarassed. But in my old career before stay at home mom, she's top dog!