Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ellia's dinner

Ellia Mya is my kindred spirit.  She wanted to plan a candlelight dinner for our family and took it upon herself to plan it.  She placed a table cloth on the table, brought out the candles, and set the table while I worked.  It was an all day project for her.
 She dressed in her favorite twirly dress and pulled a flower from a coffee table arrangement for her hair. She put on lip gloss and prepared stuffed animals with clothing and bibs.
I had a crazy work day and didn't have time to prepare the elaborate meal she requested.
 I pulled together a five minute kid friendly meal that could be placed nicely on the plates. She was thrilled. I made a place card for each kiddo and wrote the meaning of their name on it.  Ethan kept hugging me and thanked me repeatedly:)  He said he knew the meaning of his name but always wanted it in writing.  I'm pretty sure I'll be carving a plaque for his room this weekend.
This is what the meal looked like after Aelyn had her hands on it:)  Notice Ellia put a skirt on her too.

After meal entertainment was presented by Ellia herself.  She graced us with her mild yet passionate dance moves.
Aelyn also took a turn to show us her moves which included lots of stomping. 
It was sweet that Ellia initiated this dinner and made me realize they would enjoy the atmosphere of candle light dinners for our family more often.  Do you plan special dinners? I need ideas!  Homedating has taken all my creativity brain cells.  Sometimes putting in a frozen pizza is all the energy I have after a busy day but we could still light a candle, right?!

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