Saturday, March 5, 2011

Repurposed Sweater Owl

Ethan is invited to a birthday party this week for a sweet girl in his class. I asked him what he would like to give her for her birthday gift and he requested that I make her something.  We pulled out a pile of sweaters and he decided on the body of the owl.  Ethan quickly tired of sorting through sweaters and began racing cars down a long box he brought into the Haybee Baby room.  Ellia joined me in the sweater rummaging and we picked out eyes, a nose, a belly pocket, and flower embellishments. 
Ethan's classmate can use it as a tooth fairy pillow, a car pillow, or she can store other little girl treasures in the pocket.

Total cost was about $2 including thread. 
Time was about 1 hour.

I don't always have time to make birthday gifts but I thoroughly enjoy when I do. 


Crystal Qualls said...

You are so talented! I pray you all are doing good!

Lesliedpb said...

Love this Haylee! How do you sew the sweaters so they don't unravel?

Haybee Baby said...

Thanks Crystal!
Leslie, I plan to post a step by step in the next week since I've had many questions about it! Stay tuned.....:)

Melissa said...

Haylee...I love the way you so creatively use what you already have..I loved the last "sweater Owl" you posted..I am in love with owls..I so love this new one too..when we get together, you have to show me how to do this..Hope life is great...smiles and hugs..

The Boy said...

So cute! N thoroughly enjoys the owl he got from Ganny. He named it, appropriately so, Blue Stripe Orange Stripe. Ha!