Monday, March 21, 2011

45 Cent Skirt and Cartwheels

Have I mentioned that I love to thrift shop? Have I mentioned that I love to repurpose clothing? Well, I do.

This skirt was 45 cents but too big for my itty bitty waisted Ellia. I tried taking it in but opted to do something a little more fun!
The March Country Living Magazine featured cute wire rim bunny ears wrapped in fabric.

I still had a pair of dollar store ears from when Ethan was a baby that needed a makeover.  I decided to cover the entire ear in fabric rather than just the rims. 

As my sweet mammaw used to say, "bunn-ee bunn-ee." (said in a high pitched voice, it means, really cute bunny. )
That was 45 cents of fun. Oh, but wait! That was just the top of the skirt so that was 22.5 cents of fun.
Ellia had a pair of jeans that wore a hole but I wasn't ready to throw them away.  I cut the pants off right above the worn hole.  I then cut the bottom of the skirt in half and sewed it onto the jeans with a simple zig zag stitch.
                          Ellia now has a new pair of capris.  The most important part is that they twirl:) 
Buy me a 45 cent skirt, let me chop it up to make something new, and you might just see me do cartwheels.  Look through your closet, find something to cut up and modify, and you can do cartwheels too.   Then take a picture and send me a pic!!(of the new item AND of you doing cartwheels.)


Anonymous said...

You are so creative and I love your ideas. The ears and jeans are so adorable. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creations with us. Blessings. Jill

Haybee Baby said...

Thanks Jill:) I love doing it all!