Friday, February 25, 2011

We eat our dishes.

Mr. Hotsie was out of town this week so we decided to do something fun and special for the awaited reunion this evening.  We purchased cone bowls and decided to add some character.  We dipped the edge in chocolate. 
Then we rolled them in coconut, mini chocolate chips, or sprinkles. It was super quick and would be fun for a party. 
They all had rice dream cream with mini chocolate chip cookies in their bowls of character. Ellia asked if she could eat all dishes now since she was allowed to eat her bowl. I said yes.
 We then went outside to play in the snow. I did some shoveling and Hots snapped a picture of me hard at work. He said he thinks I'm cute.  I love shoveling snow and I love that he thinks I'm cute. 

 I also enjoyed a nice winter walk on our property with Ethan.  We held hands and talked as we trudged through deep snow.  We chatted about how someday he will be a grown man and have his own family and he'll go for walks with a little hand in his.  He said, " I know mom but I won't ever forget when we held hands and walked."  I then had icicle tears blocking my vision. Then it was time for a Trouble Championship.   Ethan currently holds the Champion title.  I'm looking to find an old trophy and somehow convert it into the Trouble Champion of the World.  Whoever holds the title, keeps the trophy in their room.  I can't say I'll be thrilled if Ryan or I win, but I know the kids will love it. 


James Parkinson said...

Love the creativity! And kids can say things that just melt a parents heart. Kids are such a blessing!

Haybee Baby said...

They sure are James! I can tell you have such a special relationship with your family...and you cook too! :)