Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Eve

The cones are hung by the hooks with care

In hopes that Valentine's Day will soon be here......

Valentine's Eve has had my kids squirrely in their beds. I'm pretty sure we are up to 26 times out of bed for drinks and other random reasons. They were busy using every inch of scotch tape they could find today, wrapping up random toys and household items to give Mr Hotsie and I as gifts tomorrow. I hope I get a Batman, used toothbrush, or half eaten candy;)

I have a busy work day tomorrow but will step out for a short bit to host a Valentine Party for Ethan's First Grade class. The kids will give Valentine cards and treats, eat junk, play games, recite poems, and make Bags of Love. Each kiddo will put together a bag of snacks and water bottles to give to someone needing love. I will encourage them to look for an elderly friend, someone on a street corner with a sign, or a neighbor. These kids are well loved and I hope they'll experience the joy of sharing that love.


Maximus said...

How fun! We just made a heart path for Xavier to find his heart shaped pancakes and special breakfast on the table. Then he will proceed to go on a scavenger hunt for his little gifts we placed in the car- he'll get so excited too:) Love to love!

Haybee Baby said...

So fun, Jenni! Ry made heart shaped pancakes for the kids too but some of them looked more like blobs than hearts:) I'm sure X will love his hunt! So fun! So, who is starting a maximus blog....Mr. Gorilla man? Miss you guys!