Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The" Sweater

I was on a slight sweater binge over the weekend. My kids enjoy sewing random items out of scraps and have been begging for a sewing night. We all sit in the "Haybee Baby" room and snip sweaters into bazillions of pieces. Ethan cuts out men and dinosaurs. Ellia plays with buttons and envisions dreamy projects she wants made out of repurposed sweaters, within three minutes. This weekend it was a jeweled castle, an owl the size of her bed to nap on, or new pajamas.

I layed eyes on "the" sweater a couple months ago during a thrifting adventure with my mom. It was handmade and I adored it. I wanted to figure out just the perfect project. I chose to make a pillow for our guest room that I'm slowly trying to decorate in gold tones.
I had plenty of "the" sweater left to make a tea cozy because my naked tea pot was begging for adornment just as my leftovers were. More importantly, this cozy will be put to good use as I cozy up with friends and sip hot tea this week.

Sewing with famliy, sipping tea with friends.......pure enjoyment!

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Anonymous said...

pillow...tea cozy...so adorable!! it sounded like a perfect time with the kids and mom..