Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mr Hotsie made me say "No Freaking Way!"

Ten years ago today Mr. Hostie asked me to marry him. I had a stuffy head cold, had taught 5th and 6th graders that day, and Mr. Hotsie invited me to come over to his apartment to celebrate our love that Valentine's Day. We enjoyed a flank steak dinner in his little kitchen. He had two cats that sneezed bloody snot all over the walls but we won't talk about that right now. During dinner, Mr. Hotsie was sneaky and he talked about future plans of marriage. He said he had a few hundred dollars saved up for a ring and that he figured we could get married in a couple years. I was ok with that but wished it could be sooner. After dinner we went in the living room and I gave him a couple of small gifts and I have no recolection of what they were. On his living room wall hung some small pictures covered neatly with paper towels. I figured he had either taken a liking to strange art or that he had enlarged some pictures for me as a Valentine gift. We sat on the couch and he started reading from Ruth 1. That Mr Hotsie looked deep into my eyes as he looked up from his Bible to say "Where you go, I will go......" He then talked of his deep love for me and what I meant to him. I'm pretty sure I had a big smile and teary eyes all at the same time. (I had NO clue he was getting ready to propose.) He then had me stand up and face away from the paper towel art. He turned me back toward the wall where I saw three uncovered pictures of him and I but he left the one in the center covered. I responded with an "Awe, I like them!" but also a, "but, what is the one in the middle about?" He turned me back around, uncovered the center one, and turned me toward the pictures. It was a beautiful drawing of a diamond ring by our artist friend. I said confused, "Neat, but what is that for...from?"(in otherwords....that's a weird thing to hang up!) I then hear a familiar voice with a tinge of nervousness say, "Haylee Ann Biggs, will you marry me?" I turned around to find Mr. Hotsie on one knee holding a princess cut diamond ring. My first words were, "Are you serious because if this is a joke, it is not funny!" I proceeded to ask that same question multiple times and I think I said"NO freaking way" about 22 times. Once I knew he was for real and that whole conversation during dinner was a bunch of malarky, I happily said yes and kissed that Mr. Hotsie. He had a little recorder hidden under his Bible and so we listened to the Ruth reading, deep love conversation, engagment moment, and my disbelief ramblings over and over again. We smiled, talked timing, looked at the ring, said "no freaking way" a few more times, and my stuffy headed cold suddenly wasn't even noticeable:) We then went to my apartment where we were greeted by friends and family singing "Going to the chapel....." We enjoyed a sweet engagment party and I was completely and totally suprised by the whole evening. Mr. Hotsie pulled off a surpise for me?!....unheard of....and hot!

So, Mr Hotsie and I will eat the same Flank Steak meal tonight just as we have every Valentine's Day for the past 10 years. This year we will share it with our three little dumplings. We'll cut food for little people, answer MANY questions, talk about poop and pee, rub our feet against each other's under the table in the midst of crumbs, and enjoy the love we share. I might say "NO freaking way" when my kids spill their drinks but I'll still smile and I'll happily kiss Mr. Hotsie.