Sunday, February 20, 2011


I adore dates with my husband. I love getting dressed up and enjoying the anticipation of an evening out with my man. I love walking with my arm looped through his, as his strong arms keep me steady in my heels. My date is otherwise known as Ryan, Mr. Hotsie, Hotsie Motsie, Hotsie Potsie, Ryloh, Ry Ry, Danny, Biskie Bob, and some others that I'll keep to myself. Some of you were uncomfortable with Mr. Hotsie, huh?!

Since having children, we haven't gone OUT on dates regularly. The logistics of childcare on a weekly or biweekly basis just hasn't worked for us.

We've decided to start homedating, not to be confused with homeschooling. One night a week we get our kids to bed early and enjoy a date. We ask heart engaging questions, look in each other's eyes, hold hands, enjoy a snack, watch a movie, and stuff.

Last night was my night to plan. We took a walk down memory lane to our college day "dates" at good ole Chuck's.(the school cafeteria) I made "fried ice cream" by crunching up cornflakes in a bowl, adding a 1/2 cup scoop of frozen yogurt, placing another bowl on top and shaking it like crazy. A nice round ball of flake coated frozen treat comes out. I drizzled a Tablespoon of chocolate on top and rounded them with banana slices. It looked like a big pile of poopie but it was yummo!

We enjoyed our sweet treat while we chatted over our questions for tonight.

How do I make you feel sifnificant?

How do I make you feel loved and protected?

We focused on each other and then watched a library episode of Monk.

I might have been in black sweats instead of black heels, but homedating is meaningful and left me feeling loved and in love.

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Anonymous said...

You two are very wise. May you have tons of Romantic meaningful evenings ahead. From a wife that has been blessed with a loving, adorable husband for 27 years!! It just gets better and better. Blessings Jill