Sunday, February 27, 2011

Homedating with gaggy fondue

Last night was homedating with Mr. Hotsie. 
Our questions for discussion last evening were:
What are two changes we can make to strengthen the spiritual environment of our family?
What would an observer say are our family's top three priorities?
I made Hots Mots some gorgonzola fondue which I tasted and thought was gaggingly gross but he liked it. 
These homedates keep us communicating, pursuing, and deepening our sacrificial love.

That Mr Hotsie woke me up to breakfast in bed this morning.  This beautiful and huge vegetable egg white omelet was made with love.  These homedates are enriching on many levels and open our eyes to pursuing each other more. 
Enough love talk....I need to tend to two kids arguing over the same dining room chair even though we have 6 of them.


Candace said...

Haylee - I love your blog posts.. makes me miss you guys all the more, though! :) I see Mr. Hotsie is up to his usual amazing-ness with that totally wonderful breakfast surprise!! Can I send MY future "Mr. Hotsie" to Your Mr. Hotsie's Husband 101 Classes someday!?!? Big hug, my dear girl! xoxo

Haybee Baby said...

Ha!! Yes, my Mr Hotsie can give your Mr. Hotsie some tips, if needed:) Hugs to you!