Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Goosish Sweater

Snow is all around but Spring is in my heart! Spring motivation is beginning to kick me in the bisks! I get a spring in my step and swirling ideas in my head when I know the hope of warmer days could be just a few weeks away! I decided to work on a sweater project that incorporated spring colors and could be worn into the Spring months.

I started with a boring, one dollar, cream, thrift store sweater that I purchased with the intention of modifying in some way. I took strips of shrunken sweaters and swirled them into flowers. I handstitched each flower individually and then sewed them all together. I added a piece of sweater as backing to keep it smooth and tidy. That little Spring bouquet added some life to the drowsy sweater. This floral addition is just temporary and I can change it when a new impulse comes. Maybe my Autumn motivation will provide inspiration of golds and oranges. This little drab sweater might just become my favoritest wardrobe staple for each season. Some people put a goose on their front porch to decorate in seasonal gear. Me, I just wear the same sweater everyday but make it look different with seasonal flare and accessories. I feel a project coming on. Same sweater-different look for 150 days........ Actually, the thought of that monotony and commitment made a little throw up come up in my mouth.

It can also be attached to a headband for some more Spring-y fun. Ellia wore this all day and looked as cute as a Spring chick.

A cutie patootie chick is fine but if we start dressing rather goosish....please get me help.

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