Saturday, February 12, 2011

February to February

Our year in a nutshell:
We tried to keep our house looking like three children didn't destroy it on a minute by minute basis for a bazillion house showings.
Our house sold to a gal that never even walked through our house and only saw photos on the internet.
We packed up our house.
We stayed with Hotsie's(my husband, Ryan) parents for a few weeks.
We closed on our gross house that would become our home.
I bleached showers that probably hadn't been cleaned in well over a year.
Animal urine saturated carpet was torn out.
Lots of sanding.
Lots of painting
I scraped scum off cabinets with butter knives.
I bleached showers.
We put in fresh flooring and carpet.
I bleached showers.
The list of details goes way beyond this. We are slowly transforming a crapola house into a clean and cozy home. Purchasing this home has been a blessing and we have learned much. We are thankful. I can't say that I would want to do a similar project anytime soon, but it's been good. And hard.
I think my fingers still smell like bleach and I can pretty much use my finger pads as sandpaper now. Our dear friend, Craigslist, has furnished much of our home. Hotsie's talent and hard work has been amazing! I'm one lucky girl!

Sneak Peak:

Laundry Room Before/ After

Office-School Room-Sewing Room Before /After

Ethan turned 7 and is in a First Grade blended model school.
Ellia turned 4 and is my sweet and generous friend.
Aelyn is 19 months and a silly gugenham.

We love the new area where we live. I have two of my favorite thrift stores within a half hour of my house! We are making friends and I long for community. It's a slow process and one I'd prefer to speed along.

I received this ring of cuteness as a gift yesterday. Whew, good thing I have a ring to match my jadite tea mug and to disguise my sandpaper fingers.

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