Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dumb mom. Baby fun. Big mess.

What in the world was I thinking? I left a 19 month old alone with an open lidded glass filled with a blueberry and kale smoothie.

Now, this is how she always drinks them but why did I ever think this was a good idea? I ran to switch the laundry speedy quick, came upstairs, and it looked like the blender had exploded on her face and clothes. She was all smiles and didn't mind that her entire little self was coated in a dark fruit and veggie mixture.

The mess worsened as I tried to remove her clothing to immerse her in a soapy bath. 
I'm still working on the stains. What do you use on stains when more of the clothing article is stained than not and it's dark purple and it's a lot and it's a cute sweater you'd prefer not to have big blue stains?

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The Boy said...

There is a product called Grandma's Secret that works pretty well. you can find it at Bed Bath and Beyond. If that isn't available, try Show Advanced Liquid Gel and put it on overnight, then wash it. I have gotten out Slurpees with that.