Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mouse Poop?

"Have you seen any mouse poop today?" I asked the sweet amish gal that was here for the first time helping me do some deep cleaning.

She looked at me with widened eyes and slowly said, "I dooon't thiiink soo."

I held up Aelyn's shredded shirt to bring her some frame of reference for my poop question. The day before, Mr. Hotsie found that a mouse was camping out in his old truck. We were on our way to go sled riding and he opened his glove box to reach for a napkin and there was a large mouse nest. I nearly jumped out the window as I'm easily frightened by those tiny creatures. ( I was bit my a mole in my sleep once, so my fear is warranted I tell ya.) I envisioned that mouse coming in our warm home, eating our clothes, and pooping in all the corners.

The more I folded laundry, I realized it was a metal sweatshirt zipper that tore Miss Aelyn's shirt to shreds. I about threw it in the trash when I came to my senses. I could make something fun out of this. I cut it into pieces to salvage the pleated ruffle trim and cut off the shredded fabric.

I made these cute leg warmers for the girl and used the flower embellishments to sparkle them up a bit. I plan to show my sweet amish gal what became of that potential mouse eaten shirt when she comes tomorrow. I won't bring up the poop though.


Betsy said...

Awesome repurposing! I love it. Recycling at it's best. Hope all is well with you guys in your new home. Where are you anyway?!

Haybee Baby said...

Yes, I love cutting up thrift store items and creating something new! We are in Twinsburg and we really like it here! I miss seeing your family! I hope you all are well!