Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm BAAAaaaaak!

It has been a year ago this month since I blogged last. This year away served many purposes. I stepped back to question my motivation for blogging, examine my use of time, my desire for vulnerability, what am I made for, and many other introspective reasons. It was a good year of reflection. I read few blogs this year. I didn’t miss the act of blogging or the act of reading other blogs. What I missed was the inspiration. I missed being inspired by other women in the way that blogs do. I missed seeing pictures that inspired me to create, reading paragraphs that made me cry for people I don’t even know, enjoying stories that made me laugh out loud, sharing in the joys and trials of parenting, and the rejuvenating creativity. I missed that kind of connecting.

This blog has represented two phases in my life. One avenue documented the journey of my cottage business, Haybee Baby. That was an inspiring, fun, and exhausting time with no regrets! The second phase was daily life happenings and my family. I want this new venture to be about inspiration and relationships. Let’s ignite inspiration for instilling lasting memories, thriftiness, creating, repurposing, gift giving, and pressing in to sharing life with others. I don’t really know the details of what I'll write about or share but these are things that I love being inspired by others. I hope to sprinkle some inspiration in my own little nest of this blogtree.

I’ve contemplated a blog name change but resolved Haybee Baby is completely appropriate. My dad gave me this nickname as a child. During those growing up years I was given the treasure of lasting memories, the know how to be thrifty, the inspiration for repurposing, the example of a mom making heirloom gifts, and the privilege of sharing life with family, neighbors, and friends. These treasures are stamped in my mind, heart, and daily life. I am still Haybee Baby and it feels good to be here.

I'm also back to juicing regularly. Juicing and blogging.....they do the body and spirit good.


Marla said...

So very glad that you are back to blogging,sister! I have missed your inspiring words! You have made me laugh and cry and I always walk away feeling a desire to do more good things, try more things, give more good things.

Welcome back!

Haybee Baby said...

Awe, thanks Marla! The inspiration is mutual because I just think the world of you!

Kelly said...

I could say ditto to just about everything Marla just said. You have an eye for beauty, a love for your family and a heart for the Lord that is so admired and such an example. I appreciate so much your purposeful approach to each aspect of your life and work. Thank you for sharing the glimpses into your life that you do!

Craig and Stacy Whiteman said...

I have always looked forward to your blogs. I'm so glad you are back, it gives me someone to look up to, laugh with, cry with and be inspired by!