Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sickness and Snow

Whoa! Where did the last month go? Oh, I know! Bronchitis, ear infections, stomach flu, ruptured eardrum, 22 doctor visits, ER visit, 4 antibiotics, no sleep....that's where it went. Sickness spread from one kiddo to the next in our home and that has meant sleepless nights for Haylee and Ryan! Ethan-bronchitis. Ellia-ear infection/stomach bug Ryan-stomach flu Aelyn-ruptured ear drum/bronchitis Haylee-so sleepy no patience syndrome Fun times:)

I did get to snuggle my sweeties quite a bit and that was a treasure! We are thankfully through the worst of it and they are all on the mend!!

Ethan has had 6 snow days so now that they are healthy we've enjoyed the deep, white entertainment. My fingers are still stained with food coloring:)

Snow ice cream could cheer up any day! About 8 cups of fresh snow, can of sweetened condensed milk, couple shakes of vanilla, mix in mixer, sprinkle, and enjoy.

I think I'll put a few snow balls in my freezer now to pull out in on a hot summer day. I did that as a kid and it was SOOO fun to play with snow in a swim suit!

Aelyn is 7 1/2 months already. She's delightful and full of smiles. She does not want to eat any soft foods and is completely content with mamma's milk.


Carrie Afanador said...

You poor thing! Glad you're on the other side and hopefully spring will bring lots of refreshing breezes to your house AND your soul!

Tara said...

Oh Haylee, she's just beautiful, and I love the picture of the two of you snuggling. Your so creative with all of your snow ideas, Lincoln's been begging me to put some snow balls in the freezer for weeks, I such a snow scrooge!