Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm 33 years young!

Well, I'm 33 and feeling young! I can't believe I'm this "old" though. I enjoyed a special day of celebrating! I enjoyed lunch with my kids and mom, sewing with my mom, and attending an Amy Butler event at a local fabric shop. She is one of my favorite fabric designers and she is kind and extremely talented!
I enjoyed making a couple of things out of her newest fabric line for the event.

I used a couple vintage pillowcases along with her fabric for the apron. I like wearing this apron even when I don't need to wear one. It just feels pretty and feminine! What a fun opportunity and an out of the ordinary birthday!

Sweet Aelyn is teething on orange peels quite a bit. She's out of sleeping patterns and a bit more fussy but no white poking through yet.

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