Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family and Friends= VERY FUN WINTER BREAK!!

We enjoyed a wonderful and blessed Christmas with family. Ethan and Ellia were very excited about their blessing gifts!

Ellia has played for hours with her doll house. She immediately moved things around how she liked it and even broke some furniture:) I've caught her playing with Mr. Incredible and Spiderman in there too!

Ethan's $10.00 trampoline was by far the best present of the year! It has already burnt off more energy than I can comprehend. I just give Ethan a number and he has to jump that many jumps. I gave him the number 57 today and he was insulted by such a low number. 137 was more like it. It has been good counting practice and the jumping is music to our ears! Last year Ethan was climbing the fire place in the winter because he needed more physical activity. Yeah for jumping fun!

Ellia has been cooking with all felt and sweater food I made her. I eat about 10 "cookies" with "hot tea" each day. Thankfully, I'm not intaking any sugar or calories with these eating binges! It's fun to see her pretend and enjoy the gifts that were made with love!

We rang in the new year with friends from Arizona. We pretty much peed our pants with continuous laughter. We only had sleeping Aeyln at the house after 9pm because all of our kiddos went with grandparents. It was a fun time and we actually look this alert after midnight! We're not as old as we thought:)

Aelyn turned 6 months old already. HOW CAN THIS BE? She is simply divine. She is mimicking expressions and sounds and likes to be silly. She loves "cheekie time" when we whisper in her ear. She loves to talk on the phone already. Actually, she just likes to listen...she holds the phone and smiles huge.

She's working on teeth and I'm going to enjoy her toothless grin as long as it will allow....fussiness, gnawing, and all!!

What a fun baby!

It seems like yesterday we were hesitantly ringing in Y2K wondering if the world was going to crash. I hope the next 10 years don't fly by as fast but if they do, I want to live them with purpose and vision!!

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