Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am so looking forward to having two weeks off of work! I can't wait to enjoy my family and friends during this season. This has been an interesting time of year in that Ryan has not been getting full payment for his many hours of work over the last several months. It has really put us in a financial pinch this year. It’s been very difficult yet so wonderful all at the same time. Usually this time of year is filled with us finding needs and surprising families with Christmas. This year we couldn’t justify doing much at all for Christmas with our current situation. We haven’t really told many people about our situation but we have been amazed at the love shown from friends who felt led to give to us. I had really wanted to give Ellia a doll house for Christmas this year. I starting looking on Craigslist a few months ago but it turns out we were given a wooden doll house that needed a little love! I’ve been painting it and sewing little treasures for inside. I can tell you that I’ve never been more excited to give a Christmas gift and I’m sure it will be Ellia’s most favorite thing she’s ever had. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my late night sewing and have been beyond blessed to be able to create so many gifts this year. We've had gifts in our door and in the mail. So, although this season has it’s challenges, it will go down in my history book as a Christmas of abundant blessing. Being on the receiving end makes me see the giving in a whole new light! I have cried many tears as I've watched God provide our every need. It's humbling yet so refreshing to need and see His direct hand of provision. Give of your time, energy, and love to those around you this season!
.....Christmas cards went by the wayside for many enjoy this virtual greeting:)
Much Love,
Ryan, Haylee, Ethan, Ellia, and Aelyn


Rita said...

I would imagine this will be a favorite Christmas in your memories, Haylee! I was just posting on fb about so wanting to see the newborn king in the next days leading to His birth. He immediately revealed himself to me thru you...Merry Christmas and His richest blessings on your lovely family!

hcrecco said...
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Kim Amstutz said...

Hay, How awesome to see God at work. This puts the season into perspective. What a memory to hold with you and to tell your children of God's love, kindness and faithfulness to provide even more than your basic needs.
Love you! Merry Christmas!

Lia N. said...

I was searching some interesting blogs and saw your family's picture. Just one word passed trought my mind: hapinnes!
Congrats to your beautiful family!
God bless you!
From the botton of my heart.