Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hats are cute

I've been a bit too busy to keep up with blogging but thought I'd catch up on my lunch break today. Our camera battery charger was missing for awhile because Ethan was playing cars with it. I found it under the couch but I missed some good pics during that time:(

We enjoyed a nice weekend as a family. I often feel that I'm living at such a fast pace just to keep up that I miss out on PLAYING with the kids. I took time on Sunday to play soccer with Ethan, swing, play chase, and just enjoy the outdoors together. I need to pull myself away from responsibility more often to do that!

I'm currently reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore. I'm thankful for another book with a life challenging message.

We have a cat hanging around our house that Ellia has been feeding. She could stay outside from morning until night playing with it. I remember doing the same thing as a little girl. I would dart off the bus and run down the street to check on the cats even before coming inside.

I took some pics of Aelyn since she turned 4 months. She's getting big and she is so sweet. I like hats and so I tried a bunch on her one day. These were all gifts except the yellow trimmed hat. That was mine as a little girl. I want to add an embellishment of some sort:)

I made these little "boots" for Aelyn out of an old holey wool sweater of mine. I'm glad to have something warm and soft for her feet. This was my test pair as I worked on a pattern so now I have sweater boots dancing in my head!

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Cara said...

Your blogging is missed...but understood. Still praying for you...