Thursday, October 15, 2009


Last weekend was filled with fall fun. We enjoyed Ethan's soccer game and we hosted a lunch with grandparents.

The kids and I made fall cut out cookies. Aelyn joined us in her bumbo seat and Ethan thought she should wear an apron too:) She loved chewing on it!

My mom and I enjoyed some sewing projects! We washed old wool sweaters in hot water and then dried them in the dryer. They shrunk up, became thick, and didn't fray when cut.

This hat was a gift to me from Target last year. I made the flower embellishment with the cut up sweaters.

I made many more flowers to give as gifts and attach to bags, etc. The cupcake could be a pin cushion but I'm going to give it to Ellia for Christmas with other food made from old sweaters and felt.

This felt necklace isn't finished and I think I may change route and make something different out of it but it is very fun to manipulate the wool to make designs.

We enjoyed playing out in the sunny, crisp weather. This IS my favorite time of year!

I'm quite ill with mastitis this week. Boo! In my sick time this week I read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. First of all I just enjoy his writing style. Funny and Honest. Laughing out loud and tears down the cheeks all in the same sentence. It provoked and ignited my thoughts out of a slump.


dragomir family said...

Love all the hats, the girls and yours. Where do you get such cute hats for the girls? Have been looking and can't seem to find cute, neutral hats. Help! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! Love it all, except that you have mastitis again!! Ang