Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Loony Bin Here I Come

I'm surprised I don't have cauliflower ear for how much I'm on the phone and hooked to my laptop headset:) No creative sleep.......and I've even started wearing diapers just to save time on going to the bathroom. Ha! No, it really has been busy though and I'm trying to find balance and set boundaries. Working at home has been a blessing but it's always here and no one sees the hours put in. It's swallowing me right now. I was able to see some great friends at our 10 year college reunion and that was refreshing!!

I'm eating this baby up! This is her "flying." She loves to be held over our head and drip drool all over us. She is an absolute doll....drool and all! Her round cheekies call out to be kissed!

Check out the double chin. Her thighs and biskies (Come on...spell check doesn't know this word.) are to die for! Wish big biskies and thighs were that cute on me:)

Ellia "washed" her hair with flubber. That was a joyous evening to say the least. It took an hour and a half to remove this stuff. She was sound asleep in during the process. She's recovering nicely from her surgery too!!

Aelyn wants to be a part of everything I do and so she is. I wear her in this wrap a lot and she thinks she's big stuff now that she faces outward. The other night I was cleaning the bathroom mirror and she was just smiling and talking away at herself:)

Ellia is my helper too. She loves to help me cook and clean.
She helped me make this mix over the weekend for an after school snack. I really just should have mixed M&M's with candy corn because they like to skip over the cheerios, pecans, and pretzels.

I've started my Homeade Christmas idea list. Not really sure when I'll accomplish such things. If I keep up the pace I'm going, everyone may get a homeade invitation to visit me at the mental hospital!


Cara said...

Still prayin' for ya girlie! Sending you love and hugs...
Keep looking UP towards Him for strength...

Tsquared417 said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about work!! :)