Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Life Sunday

This day started with me feeling bummed because we couldn't go to church due to sick kids. It then turned into one of my favorite days in quite a while. It was a day of embracing normal and real life. We stayed in our pajamas the entire day. The kids played nicely and creatively.

Ellia is scheduled to have her adenoids and tonsils out this week. We already rescheduled it due to her being sick and here she is again sick this week. She played outside and I kept looking out to see her wiping her nose on her pj shirt, despite my attempts of taking her kleenex. She was seriously the fithiest I've ever seeng her by the end of the day.

At one point I looked outside and saw Ethan putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. wonder my kids are sick, they play with ther toothbrushes in the dirt:) I found out they were "camping" and it was morning time. Oh, I just let them brush as many times as they wanted because they were having so much fun. Their toothbrushes looked well used and not well rinsed by the time they found their way back in the we retired those and brought out some fresh ones.

I spent hours in the kitchen today and LOVED it! I made:

Lentil Soup

Eggplant Parmesan

Fresh Salsa

Whole wheat and flax Chocolate Chip Cookies(Thanks Steph J!)

Upside down deep dish pizza

Grilled BBQ Chicken

Ground Turkey taco meat

Chickpea and corn salad

Raw Strawberry macaroons

Raw oatmeal and raisin cookies

Raw "Tuna" pate

My kitchen was a complete disaster but I like to mess it up once big time rather than every evening. My cooking for the week is done! I put the soup, taco meat, and pizza casserole in the freezer to pull out later in the week.

Aelyn enjoyed the cooking and cleaning as she was along for the ride. I told her that cooking with me won't sound as fun when she has the opportunity to brush her teeth with mud along with the other kids:)

Ellia often "helps"(splashes and get in the way:) ) give Aelyn her bath. Aelyn loves bath time and it's so cute to watch her kick her chunky, rolly polly thighs:)

I snuggled this sweet baby today and let her nap on my chest because soon she'll be too big.

I spent time smelling her and rubbing my cheeks on her fuzzy head. I tried to cement the smell and feel in my mind forever. It's going too fast and I don't want to forget.

Ethan played outside. He loves soccer and likes to wear his jersey when he practices here at home:)
Last weekend we went to a drive in movie and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I napped....which is what I usually do during movies. Ethan asked if we could do that again tonight but today was so wonderful that we didn't need to go anywhere. We took off our pjs, cleaned up, and put different pj's on. LOVE IT!

I enjoyed special time with each kiddo today and lived a "real life" day. Now, I'm gearing up for the chaotic, overworked, underslept, work week.


Becky Durbin said...

Hi Haylee!

Love the blog! Can I get the recipe you mentioned for the Whole Wheat and Flax CC cookies?

Haybee Baby said...

No recipe. Just throw in some flax, whole wheat flour, butter, eggs, baking soda, salt, natural sugar, agave, and there you have it. My kids ate them up and were begging for me. I don't so much mind the sugar if they are getting some good flax!

Naenay1012 said...

Whew, I am tired reading all about your cooking. :)
Good luck with the toncils. I had mine out March 2008. I chewed lots of gum and that really helped with the recovery.