Saturday, September 5, 2009


What a fun and refreshing night I had. I read several chapters of a Magic Tree House book to Ethan. We sat and talked about memories and dreams for the future. I had him wear his glasses during our late night date and he did well. His heart came through in our conversations and that was a needed time for us both.

Then I decided to sew and ponder with Pandora music. I bought a dress with a broken zipper for $1.00 from Gabriel Brothers. I decided to cut it up and make this bag. It's big and I'll probably use it as a diaper bag.

This was a 90 cent thrift dress that I shortened into a shirt to wear with a little sweater for fall.
This is a purse made out of a 45 cent thrift sweater from an after Winter clearance.
I love making things out of cheap finds. Cutting something up and making a new treasure is rewarding. I also altered a few of my other clothing items. Up late....but refreshed on many levels.


Cara said...

So happy for you!!

Kim Amstutz said...

I read countless Magic Tree House books as well! I think we have almost completed the whole series! I enjoy the quiet, cuddle time with my little man as well! :)

Heather Stein said...

You are so creative! Which thrift stores do you like to go to?