Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun Wornoutness

It's been a fun week with my sister here. The kids have had a great time and I'm sad to see them leave. We went to Gabes earlier in the week and I found this fun Anthropologie sweater for $7.99!

I made the girls these pillowcase dresses so we did a little photo shoot:)

I'm beginning to think that all of our kisses are making Aelyn's cheekies grow:) Actually, maybe it's all the night feedings the last couple days. Argh! I'm tired and my shingles hurt when I'm this worn out. Ry has been out of town a few days working nutso hours which has added to my wornoutness:) Regardless, it's been a memory making week for the kids!

Don't you just wanna kiss her? :)

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The Camerons said...

Oh my gosh! I want to learn how to make those dresses for my girls. Would you care to share when you have time??