Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flying Years

It’s hard to believe that our Ethan boy is 6 years old today. Six years ago at this time I was pushing the precious 10lb 10oz boy out:).....and had been working on that task for hours. He entered the world at 9:46pm and we adored him! He grew so fast and had the biggest, roundest, bald head. What an experience it's been learning how to be a parent on him. Ethan is a gentle giant and it will be exciting to see what God has in store for him. We celebrate his life and the blessing that he is today!

The birthday fun started yesterday! I took the kids to see a Veggie Tales movie that the local radio station hosted.

Then we took them to eat dinner at an Amish restaurant where the buffet was 99 cents for kids. There were some very large families there enjoying the bargain!

We then surprised him and took him to a hotel that has a mini indoor water park.

It was perfect for Ethan and Ellia's ages, inexpensive, and a fun time!

Ellia had an attitudinal moment despite all the fun:(

Tonight we had some friends over for cake, ice cream and playing. Ethan really wanted a Batman cake and I knew I didn't have the time nor the talent to make it so we ordered it from The Pink Cupcake. He was SO excited about this and told every teacher at his Kindergarten registration today:)

The kids had a silly string fight and they ended up playing in the little pool with their clothes on. It was fun boy time and a great time for us adults too.

Aelyn smiled and cooed at Ganny' quiet singing during the party.

These past six years have flown by. I'm going to hold him tight because I know the next six will go by in a flash too. What a special blessing he is!!

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