Saturday, August 22, 2009

Excitement Galore

Yesterday was an exciting day! Ryan took the day off which in itself is worth doing cart wheels with all the other events the day was overflowing with excited feelings! Ryan needed to see his knee surgeon again because he's having some issues with his knee. Ok, I didn't put my cheerleading outfit on for that but it was good he got it looked at. He took the day off because it was Ethan's first day of Kindergarten!!!! I think it's strange that they started on a Friday but it was exciting regardless! On Thursday night as we tucked Ethan in bed we were both feeling sentimental about how much he's grown.

Ethan quietly asked Ryan if he was going to write him a special note again like he did for preschool:) Ryan was already planning on it but we thought that was sweet that it meant so much to him. Ethan, our boy who saves receipts, Aldi ads, and a plethora of other items has a note from Ryan on his room shelf. There is something special about those words of affirmation from a father. I love it!

We went to Bob Evans for lunch in celebration of Ethan's first day. This is where Ryan gave Ethan the special note.

Ethan knows a couple kids in his class which is nice. Ethan's classroom is the same room my mom went to Kindergarten in. Ethan thought that was quite exciting! He had a wonderful first day and he is excited to go back on Monday! He goes in the afternoon and I feel a sense of peace about this schooling option for this year. Sigh of relief.

We had our usual Saturday morning visit to the Farm Market. I made some fresh salsa and a vegetable salad with a roasted red pepper dressing. We plan to grill out tonight and enjoy some of the garden goodness that has been shared with us!

I've had two great thrifing adventures in the last couple weeks. This purse was my favorite find for $2.00! I mostly found fall and winter clothes for the kids! The outfit Ethan wore on his first day of school cost 90 cents:) WAHOO!!

Aelyn is full of smiles and gentle coos. She brings much joy and excitement to our lives. Day to day family life can be overwhelming and stressful at times so it's nice to sit back and ponder how blessed we are.


Krysty said... are soooo blessed Hayles! You kiddos are just adorable and it is so clear how well you & Ry are raising them in the Lord. Love the idea of a note on their first day of school. That is so special. My plans were always to write a special yearly note for their b'day. I think I've done that once. Thanks for the inspiration!
Aeyln....way too sweet. Miss that tinyness!

Krysty said...

Oh yeah...just raved about your thrifting skills today. Great buys girl!