Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Milk Duds

This was supposed to post last night but the baby was calling me!

So this is what I had for dinner tonight. Here's why. I had a doctor appointment to get my mastitis treated AGAIN. Then I needed to run a few errands before Aelyn needed to eat. So, we ran to the library to return a bunch of books and movies and we grabbed some more. We went to the bank and then to the grocery to get a few things. Of course there was a potty break at each location which is tons of fun with a newborn. We came home and I served the kiddos dinner. Ryan had to be gone tonight and he needed me to fill out some papers and fax them. I then realized that trash goes out tomorrow so I had to haul the trash barrels to the street. Then the baby was HUNGRY so I fed her. Then she cried. And cried some more. I ran bath water for the kids and worked on folding laundry while they splashed and Aelyn cried. I fed her some more and she cried some more. I read a story about Moses to the kids while Aelyn cried. I have no clue what I was even reading but the kids were glued even through the crying. Ellia wet the bed last night and she need her clean bedding put on but Aelyn wouldn't stop crying long enough to accomplish this task. The sling, swaddle, sshhing, rocking, etc. were not working. I finally let her scream while I did it so the kids could get to sleep. I then realized I had not eaten anything for dinner and I was HUNGRY but I had a screaming baby and didn't know what to grab. I could have grabbed carrots or peas but instead I remembered we had a box of Milk Duds that I forgot to put with a birthday gift. SO....that became my dinner. I've been avoiding all sugar right now but I threw that out hte window. I got to thinking that Milk Duds were the PERFECT dinner for me considering all the issues we've had with my milk milk ducts have been duddish with getting infected. Why am I up blogging when I should be in bed? Sugar high!
My little sweet pea settled nicely and we'll see how she responds to milk duds when she eats them tomorrow. If she likes them I might just have to go on a raw food and milk dud diet. Maybe I should write my own cookbook....Raw Food and Milk Duds for the Milk Making Mother. I feel it.....Milk Duds on raw ice cream...Milk Duds with raw almonds....Milk Duds, raisins, and strawberries on a bed of lettuce......
I'm off toput my milk ducts to use........too bad I'm all out of Milk Duds.


Tsquared417 said...

Oh the joys of new motherhood!! :)

Naenay1012 said...

It does get easier.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haybee!

Your blog is hilarious! I am enjoying the beautiful pictures of your family! Keep up the good blogging. The Milk Duds story was so funny!!!!!!!!!

Love ya',
Becky Durbin

Haybee Baby said...

Thanks Becky! I'm glad you enjoy it. It's a fun way to stay connected with people. You need to join facebook! Love ya!

Carrie said...

I can so empathize with you! Hang in there, people tell me it gets better. Check out my life at Look at some of the older posts to feel better about your kids!:) :)