Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love to feel well!

Over the weekend in a short window where I felt well, we went to a party for Ryan's work. It was at a location that Ryan has worked for the past year remodeling a beautiful kitchen and putting on a gorgeous deck. They were wonderful hosts and they know how to throw a fabulous party. It was a lot of fun but this was the only picture we took that night.....Ryan was driving and you can see right up my nose.

We were able to see Ryan's family briefly and his grandma got to meet Aelyn.

Ethan also lost his other top tooth. He looks grown up and I'm not sure I like it! :)

I'm beginning to feel much better and heal up from this mastitis!! It makes me so thankful to feel well! I took the kids to a garage sale this morning and found this cute fall hat for Ethan for 50 cents. I'm already getting the itch for fall!.......wool sweaters, brown, leaves, fires, orange, cool it all!

Now I'd like to find him a brown corduroy jacket. Dapper!

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