Friday, July 3, 2009

Amazing Love

What amazing love we feel for this sweet new addition to our family. It is amazing to me that just a few days ago she lived inside my body as a separate human being.

We didn't know her gender, we had never seen her, yet we had a growing love for her.

THEN we set eyes on her and it was love at first sight! I am so thankful for the miracle of life and humbled to have carried her, birthed her, and now mother her. What a joy!

The kids adore Aelyn to pieces and Ethan is quite protective of her.

Ellia wants her to have poopy diapers all the time because she thinks changing diapers is fun. Notice Ellia's lips that are plentiful with lipgloss. My makeup bag is her go to place when I'm feeding the babe:)

Aelyn is progressing with nursing and I'm thankful for that!
Ethan and Ellia spent the night at my parents last night because Ry went back to work today. That gave me this morning to get some things done around here. I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon! I'm feeling great though and I'm so glad that we were able to have Aelyn at home. What a great experience!

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