Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Days

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? I LOVE it! I love the yummy produce from the farm market!

I love that cherries are in season!

I love that the kids can run through the sprinkler like crazies!

I love that my once tiny herb garden is flourishing!

I love sticky hair, thirsty kids, and the ragamuffin look.

Today Ethan got a large splinter in his foot and it is rather deep. Just touching the air around his toes caused him to wilt in pain. So, I decided to get out my foot spa that I've never used. I put Epsom salts in it and let him soak awhile. They took turns for hours. It was great entertainment.

The kids and I made cake balls this evening. My friend from college shared this recipe and I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids since it was rainy. You can see directions and beautiful images of these on Bakerella. We made two kinds in hopes of freezing many for when we have company after the baby is born. We did devil's food with cream cheese icing and German Chocolate Cake with German Chocolate Cake Frosting. I topped some of them with white chocolate shavings that my sister gave me. They are fun to make and the kids love the mess of squishing the cake and icing. It is much faster to just use the kitchen aid mixer but that takes the fun out of it! The possibilities with these are endless so enjoy!

My kids didn't even eat a half of one each. They both really loved them but Ethan said it was too much sweet and he wanted to save it for tomorrow. Ethan wants to share some with the neighbors and I'm sending a bunch with Ry to share with the guys he works with.

Earlier today I was struggling with patience and I told the kids that I needed to pray for patience...and we did. It was then that I realized Ellia left two crayons in her pocket that went through the dryer and all over laundry.....she spilled applesauce all over the wood floor, Ethan drew in a book that I'd bought for a gift(he thought it was a dry erase book but it wasn't and plus he used a non washable marker....I made him pay me $3.00 to replace it and you would have thought I took all his toys away. It was a good lesson but a hard one this evening.), and many other patience builders today that I'm trying not to recall. Tonight Ryan was reading to Ethan and discussing the book incident while Ellia and I spent time together. It came time to pray with her and she said she wanted to pray for me first. Here's what she said:
"Dear God, thanks daddy home from wort. Help mommy patence and babycome soon, help Ethan not cry when write in book and pay dollars, help me not sick be better, thanks, amen."

I need all the patience prayers I can get:) Off I go to google how to get crayon out of clothes!

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