Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Adventures

What a fun day this was! We started out to some garage sales at 8am. We found Ethan some great shirts for the fall. We then hit the farm market where we bought the usual.....lettuce, tomatoes, snap peas, grass fed habanero cheese, and whole grain seed bread. We then went to the Wizard of Oz open house where the kids could meet the characters they will see in the play in a couple weeks. Ellia walked right up to the lion and told him her name, how old she is, and held his hand but wouldn't stand beside him to get her picture. Ryan told the lion that he wouldn't have wanted his picture with an 8 foot lion at that age either:) He WAS very tall!

They had rainbow cookies and other refreshments.

They also did a pinata every 30 minutes so the kids stocked up on candy:) It was fun and built anticipation for the play.

Ryan took Ethan to the local airport to an old bi-plane event. They've gone before and I'd love to blow some of the pics up for in E's room. He said it was fun but there was tall itchy grass that he didn't like.

This is my favorite plane.

This is my favorite man:)

My living room became a "Wipeout" obstacle course. Ethan used a blanket as the mud, the bean bags as the big balls, and an assortment of other things. They had a blast and he kept trying to beat his time......which he wasn't really timing. He said he won $1,000 and was going to put all the dollars in his save jar:)

Ellia wiped out.

I make 1-2 shopping books a year. I do one at Christmas to keep all my purchases, receipts, baking list, etc. in order. Then I have another one that I tape little magazine pics in when I see something I really like. It keeps me focused on buying things I know I'll love. Right now I'm looking for wide leg white pants for the rest of the summer.....for a good deal!


Stephenie said...

Haylee, I love reading your blog! You are such a great writer, and such a neat person. Heck I talk to you everyday and pretty much know this stuff already, but reading it is so fun because you write so well- like Blue Like Jazz. I love you much friend, and remember that me and a lot of other people are here to help- I'm sure everyone agrees that it is an honor to reach out and help someone as wonderful as you. You give so much to others, now it's time to receive! (ha)

Naenay1012 said...

What a fun day! You are so organized, look at the smores stuff! My kids would wipe that chocolate out in no time. I have to hide them.

markthog said...

I recognize the Waco fly-in at Wynkoop! Back when we owned an airplane I'd fly with one or two of the boys to the fly-in and enjoy looking at the old planes. They would always fall asleep on the way home. :)