Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reciept Loving and Refrigerator missing.

I intended to post this Saturday.........

I've mentioned before that Ethan can't stand change. He collects things and is devastated if you throw something away. I found a stack of ALDI ads he'd been collecting in his night stand once. Well, now that he earns money and can make his own purchases, he has a LOVE for receipts. He is so proud to show his stack and wants to save them "forever", he says.

Our dishwasher and refrigerator went bad within a week of each other and so we had to buy replacements. Ethan was moping on Thursday and I asked what was wrong. He said, "I'm just really going to miss our refrigerator."

It's so funny because this child hasn't like change from day one. He's not like me.....I love change!! Ellia isn't phased by change either. It's amazing to see each of our uniqueness.

Ryan took Ethan fishing today. They had a great time and it was fun "boy" time.

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