Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poison Eye-vy

So, I'm nine months pregnant but that's not what has me feeling miserable these days. I developed an eye infection that quickly spread to other parts of my face. NOT FUN! I went to the doctor and she asked me if I'd been around poison ivy and I said no. Then I remembered enjoyed a bonfire with friends on Saturday night.

The entire evening I was reminding my kids not to walk off the trail because I didn't want them to get poison ivy. I sit in a chair chatting with friends the entire evening I get poison ivy in my eye ball. Seriously?

I had my jaw worked on today as well because it is out of alignment and I'm in some serious discomfort. I'm praying this will all subside before I go into labor.

We made some popsicles on Monday. I mixed goat milk yogurt, fresh lemon juice, agave, and fresh blueberries. I put the blueberries and agave in the blender first. I then spooned the yogurt mixture and then the blueberry mixture until the cup was full. Then I lightly stirred it so that they would swirl. I hope to make a fun summer treat each week.

I went through my magazine cut out book over the weekend and found the idea of lining a medicine cabinet with scrapbook paper. I found some papers at Big Lots that are great and have the color of our bathroom walls in them. It was a fun pick me up for the cabinet.

I feel like the kids have done and said a million funny things this week but I'm just not feeling up to typing them right now. Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog again before this new little one comes..........that is if I can actually remember the stories:)

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Tsquared417 said...

I hope you feel better!!That's a bummer!!